April 4, 2022
Top 5 Reasons for Pressure Washing Pool Decks
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Benefits of Pressure Washing Pool Decks

Owning a pool is a luxury many of us enjoy living in Florida. But, as you know, it’s not all fun. While you are able to enjoy the pool, you also get to do all the maintenance it takes to keep it in shape. From keeping the right level of chemicals to choosing the right pool deck, there are several things you must do to keep the pool area maintained. When it comes to your pool deck, you should know that maintaining it is essential to your pool’s look and your health and safety. Pressure washing pool decks is one of the most efficient ways to clean your pool deck. We at Sparkleen have pressure-washed countless pool decks, and these are the top 5 reasons why we think you should consider pressure washing pool decks.

Is Pressure Washing Right for Everyone?

People often confuse pressure washing with soft washing or even think that they’re both the same thing. In reality, it uses two very different types of machines that use different techniques. They achieve the same goal – a clean surface – but the way they do so varies. A pressure washer uses pressure alone to clean a surface and blast away contaminants. Because of the high-PSI machines, pressure washing pool decks isn’t right for every surface. High pressure can actually damage some types of pool decks. For more fragile types of surfaces, a soft wash is the better choice. Soft washing uses a low-pressure machine along with a mix of chemicals to clean your pool deck. This method is usually used for roofs, but a professional service will know which is right for you.

Top 5 Benefits

Removes Stains

Stains can ruin the look of your pool deck. If you’ve tried muscle grease and a scrub brush with no results, there’s still hope. Because of the extremely high pressure involved, stains on the surface and below are blasted away. If you fail to clean it up for long enough, however, you might be stuck with that stain permanently.

 Prevents Chemical Buildup

The mix of chemicals you use in your pool is great for keeping it clean, but those chemicals are damaging to concrete surfaces. Pool and other chemical cleaners are corrosive, especially to certain types of pool decks. Not only do they eat away at the deck, but they can also be extra drying.

Kills Mold, Algae, and Bacteria

Despite pool chemicals like chlorine, mold and algae thrive on pool decks. Since mold loves damp areas, your pool deck is a perfect place for it to grow and spread. Mold doesn’t just look gross, though. It also can cause health problems, ranging from allergy-like symptoms to breathing problems. The chlorine in your pool is strongly concentrated but has no power against mold or algae when diluted on the deck. Algae can bloom on your pool deck, later infecting other areas, including the pool itself.

Prevents Slips

Buildup from chemicals, mold, and algae will make concrete extra slippery. Pressure washing blasts away any buildup that could increase the risk of slipping. While everyone using the pool should know how to be safe in the area, an unexpected slippery surface could spell trouble. Having a professional clean the area regularly can help reduce the risk of injury.

Increases Longevity & Maintains Investment

Let’s be honest; a pool is a huge investment. That’s exactly why you should keep your pool and pool deck clean – to protect that investment! By pressure washing pool decks on a regular basis, you’ll prevent mold or chemicals from eating away at your deck and causing irreversible damage.

Leave it to a Professional

Thinking about pressure washing your own pool deck? There are thousands of pressure washers available, but there are even more reasons why you should let a pro handle the job.


Operating a pressure washer takes more than reading an instruction manual. A professionally-trained team will know exactly how much pressure to use on which surfaces and whether soft washing is a better choice. Then, they can adjust the pressure on their machines to prevent damage while getting the deepest clean.


Pressure washers can also be extremely dangerous. Because of the high pressure involved, a trained professional will know how to hold the machine and safely operate it around other people. Unfortunately, a high-PSI machine can even cause bodily harm to you or others.

Complete Clean

A pro will know if certain areas need different treatment, which may involve industrial-grade cleaners. For example, stains stand less of a chance when tackled by someone who knows the ins and outs of stain removal. They’ll also determine how to safely flush the water away from your pool instead of accidentally contaminating it.


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Published: April 4, 2022
Author: Sparkleen Pressure Washing
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