Soft Washing

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Soft Washing

Keeping your roof Sparkleen clean!

What does a homeowner do when you see dreaded streaks and stains on your roof? Do you ignore them and hope the rain will wash them away? Unfortunately, that won’t happen because those stains are mold or another type of fungus. If you do choose to ignore the streaks, you could end up with a caved-in roof or mold growth inside your home. Both are more of a hassle to deal with than taking the preventative step of soft washing with Sparkleen Pressure Washing!

Our pressure-free soft wash system is designed for Florida roofs, including Spanish tile. Since our regular pressure washers would damage your roof, we have special equipment. That includes a cleaning solution designed to reach deep without using our standard high-pressure system.

By soft washing your roof, you can protect it from damage while preventing future issues in one simple step. Our system cleans and sanitizes your roof while removing toxic and hazardous build-up.

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Pollen
  • Algae
  • Fungus


How Soft Washing Works

Our services are made to improve and preserve your home, not damage it! That’s why we offer soft washing, a low-pressure alternative to power washing. Along with a specialized machine, we use a different mix of chemicals to deep clean without damaging your property.

Before we get started, we’ll take care to protect outdoor plants, lawn furniture, and other belongings that the cleaners could harm. A soft wash is always the first step because it allows us to go from top to bottom. You can trust our trained and experienced techs to cover every part of your roof, removing stains, streaks, and threats of damage. Once we’re done, we can continue on to pressure washing the rest of the area.

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