Paver Sealing

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Paver Sealing

Keeping your pavers Sparkleen clean!

Pavers may be a considerable investment, but they’re one that pays off. You get the benefits of durability with a beautiful look and added value for your home or business. But just because they’re durable doesn’t mean they don’t require some maintenance. Sparkleen offers paver sealing to keep your pavers in great shape while keeping damaging factors at bay. Things like weather, oils, weeds, and dirt add wear and tear to your pavers. You can protect them with paver sealing done by the professionals at Sparkleen. 

  • First, we pressure wash the pavers to remove all traces of dirt, mold, and other types of build-up. That’s because we need a clean slate right from the start.
  • Next, we go the extra mile by filling cracks with sand. If this isn’t the first seal, you’re sure to have lost filler sand. By topping it off, it improves the look while keeping pavers from shifting.
  • Once it’s time to seal, our trained technicians apply a chemical seal wash to prepare the pavers. Then we apply the seal evenly and completely over the entire area.

The Benefits of Sealing Pavers

If you want guaranteed results, leave it to the professionals at Sparkleen! We have access to cleaners and equipment that isn’t available to the public. Used by our experienced technicians, you can expect nothing but the best. Instead of missed spots and uneven coverage, you can count on paver sealing that lasts! Most companies don’t refill cracks with sand, but Sparkleen does. We do each job completely and correctly, leaving no box left unchecked.

How does paver sealing benefit you? When done by the Sparkleen team, you can expect a process that will:

  • Remove stains and preserve the original color
  • Kill, remove, and prevent weeds and moss
  • Repel water, dirt, oil, and stains
  • Preserve sand filler
  • Prevent paver shifting and movement
  • Make maintenance and cleaning easier

Keeping your pavers sealed has never been more convenient and beneficial. Trust the paver sealing experts at Sparkleen. Call or contact us today for your