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A Sparkleen Story

With a general contractor for a father, Branden Oppman naturally grew up with close exposure to the skilled trades. He saw first-hand what happens when a property isn’t maintained and how much work it is to fix. From there, Sparkleen was born. Branden saw the opportunity to use his knowledge of construction and other trades in a different way – by preserving structures through proper maintenance.

Now, over ten years later, Sparkleen offers a wide variety of residential and commercial pressure and soft washing services. With the backing of being licensed and insured, Sparkleen uses the best equipment and cleaners in the business to clean roofs, buildings, fleets, and more. Branden knows the value of quality service, so he and Sparkleen guarantee each customer’s satisfaction. We’ll even come back and fix any issues until you get the results you deserve. As a full-service company, you can expect complete cleaning and protection for the exterior, including windows! Whether it’s your business or home that needs service, you can never go wrong with Sparkleen!