May 2, 2022
How to Prepare for an Outdoor Party
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How to Prepare for an Outdoor Party

With reliably warm weather on the horizon, you’re probably thinking about using your pool and backyard. Whether you’d rather spend your party relaxing in the sun or throw a neighborhood BBQ, you probably have some preparation to do to get ready for an outdoor party. You probably have a pollen-covered patio or weeds peeking through cracks in your pavers. But instead of being overwhelmed by everything you need to do, you can follow these simple tips to get your backyard party-ready without spending a ton of cash or days’ worth of effort.

Use What You Have

Planning a party is fun, but it’s easy to get caught up in making sure things are just right. But try to remember, you don’t have to go all out and go over your budget with decorations. Instead, use what you have, from your lawn to your furniture. Instead of spending a fortune or your own time and effort on landscaping, work with what you have to make it look the best it can. Edge and trim your lawn and clean up flower beds. Rather than purchase brand new furniture, a fresh throw pillow or potted plant is enough to spruce up the area without breaking your budget.

Clean Up the Pool Deck

Let’s be real; if you have a pool, that’s where the party will be! So along with regular pool maintenance, you can’t forget about the pool deck. Whether it’s concrete or pavers, your pool deck also needs yearly cleaning. Pressure washing is a fast and simple solution with benefits extending long after your party’s end.

Kills Algae, Mold, and Bacteria

If you’re a pool owner, you’re probably all too familiar with combatting algae inside the pool, but did you know that it can grow outside the pool too? The chemicals that kill mold inside the pool are diluted on the deck, and the wet environment invites algae growth. Cleaning the pool deck with the right cleaners and tools can kill algae and prevent it until the next cleaning.

Prevents Slips

Nobody wants a friend or family member to get hurt on their property, and the pool is no exception. An algae-covered pool deck is the right environment for unintentional slips, and the excitement of an outdoor party might mean people are being less careful than usual. Pressure washing clears away surface grime, giving algae nothing to stick to for a safer walking area. Of course, you should always ensure every guest knows proper pool etiquette.

Makes It Last Longer

A proper deep clean of your pool deck can also extend its life. Poorly maintained surfaces can fade and crack, which only invites in more mold and algae. By spraying away any surface contaminants, you’ll also be able to see the start of any cracks and repair them faster.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is for the outdoors, too! Slightly cooler months and harsh weather might have kept you inside, allowing dirt and grime to take over. Not to worry, though! You can leave many challenging jobs to a professional, like roof soft washing or gutter cleaning. Don’t forget about windows, too. You and your guests can see windows from both inside and outside, and streaks and smudges can ruin the view. Spring cleaning aims to give an overall clean, so don’t get too caught up in the details. Leave the hard stuff to the pros and do some of the easier things by yourself. Focus on the big stuff that will make the most impact.

  • Siding
  • Roof
  • Lawn
  • Decks and Patios
  • Pool Area
  • Furniture

Pressure Wash Patios and Walkways

Are spring rains inviting weeds to grow in the cracks of your sidewalk? Have you been putting off scrubbing that oil stain on the driveway, thinking it’s too late? Pressure washing has the same benefits for your sidewalk and driveway as it does for your pool deck. Since pressure washing uses an extremely high-pressured sprayer to remove dirt and debris, it takes less time and effort than going in with a scrub brush or broom. Unfortunately, mold and bacteria are also found on sidewalks, roofs, and even gutters. Since it can grow just about anywhere, it’s essential to take care of the problem before it gets inside. Plus, pressure washing can restore the original look of the material we’re washing!

Outdoor Party Prep with Sparkleen

The licensed team at Sparkleen can help clean your roof, pool deck, patio, and more! We use the industry’s highest quality sprayers and cleaners to get your home outdoor party-ready in no time. When it comes to the menu and playlist, though, that’s all up to you. Even so, we’re here to give you an outdoor clean that nothing else can match. Our highly trained technicians have soft and pressure washing machines at the ready to tackle concrete, pavers, Spanish tile, and more! In addition, we offer free quotes and fast service so you can party without the worry!

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Published: May 2, 2022
Author: Sparkleen Pressure Washing
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