March 12, 2022
8 Benefits of Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings
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Does Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings Improve Business?

As a local business, we know that expenses add up quickly when you own or run a commercial building. Offices need supplies, and warehouses require new equipment. Before you know it, it’s hard to find enough in the budget to keep up the appearance. But pressure washing commercial buildings is one expense that’s better to pay now than later in the form of lost customers and maintenance issues.

Attract Customers

You know the importance of drawing in new customers. Your first impression to a passer-by is based on the way the exterior looks. By pressure washing often, you’re giving the impression of a clean and inviting space. Pressure washing commercial buildings is especially important for newer businesses that want to attract plenty of customers.

Keep It Sanitary

Whatever business you’re in, you want to ensure that your clients and employees are in a safe and healthy environment. Pressure washing commercial buildings removes buildup from the building’s exterior and walkways, including mold, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants. Those contaminants will make their way inside your building and spread with people coming and going.

Curb Appeal

Everyone takes pride in their business, so why not show it? Keeping a neat exterior shows that you’re serious about what you do, no matter the industry. Even potential future clients and customers may see and remember your business based on how it looks. You never know who could be passing by, after all.

Prevents Slips & Falls

As an employer and business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep walkways safe and dry. Unfortunately, failing to do so by not pressure washing commercial buildings’ walkways leads to a layer of mold, oils, and algae. Those layers of grime can easily cause a slip and fall. Keep employees, customers, and yourself safe! Hire the pros to blast the grime away.

Reduces Maintenance

Did you know that pressure washing commercial buildings can help you to avoid other maintenance? When mold grows outside your building, you run the risk of it spreading inside. Mold eats away at building materials, causing them to crumble and crack. With a clean building, you’re able to see the areas that need attention and take action.

Easier to Keep Clean

It makes sense that a clean surface is easier to keep clean than one that’s already dirt. If the building or walkways already have layers of dirt and grime, it gives other contaminants something to stick to and feed on. Mold can start feeding on layers of other types of buildup. Eventually, mold will find its way into the building materials. This benefit goes hand in hand with keeping a clean and sanitary workplace.


A well-maintained building lasts longer. Pressure washing commercial buildings is one simple step to increase the lifespan of the building itself. By preventing maintenance, your building stays intact and needs fewer repairs.

Improves Relationships with Other Businesses

When other businesses you work with see that you keep your commercial space clean,

they’ll know you take the business seriously. B2B relationships are more likely to succeed if the other company sees your space as clean and sanitary.

How Often Do Should I Pressure Wash Buildings?

Professionals take several factors into account to determine how often to pressure wash your

commercial building. No two buildings are exactly alike, so professionals will recommend how often you need it based on those factors. Your commercial building should be pressure washed more frequently than a home, but what determines how often is based on:


Is your commercial building next to a busy road or highway? Out in the suburbs

or a more open area?

Business Type

The frequency that you should be pressure washing commercial buildings

depends on the type of business you have. For example, if you have a warehouse receiving deliveries from dirty trucks all day, some of that grime is sure to make its way onto your building. Restaurants also require more frequent cleaning to show that you take cleanliness seriously at your business.

Area Being Cleaned

The building itself may require less pressure washing service than the sidewalks and parking lots. Pros will determine which areas should be cleaned more often and can adjust to your needs accordingly.


Here in Ft. Myers, we know what to expect from Florida’s different seasons and weather patterns. An unexpected storm could boost mold and mildew growth, and a windy day during pollen season might cover the building in a fine layer.

Why Hire a Professional?

You might be determined to take on the task of pressure washing commercial buildings on your own. However, that’s a common mistake that could cost you. Hiring a professional pressure washing service not only ensures the job is done right. It also removes the risks of injury to yourself, your employees, and your customers. A pressure washer can be dangerous because of the amount of water pressure used, making it a hazard for the inexperienced. That means that a high-PSI machine can cause bodily injury and damage to the building itself. Additionally, professionals know the inner workings of the machines and will pay extra attention to areas you might miss.

Businesses that need commercial pressure washing in Ft. Myers know to trust the

experienced team at Sparkleen Pressure Washing. We have trained technicians and new, state-of-the-art equipment to take the risk of pressure washing commercial buildings. We’re licensed and insured, meaning you don’t have to take liability while we work on your property. You can contact us for a consultation or pressure washing appointment five days a week!

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Published: March 12, 2022
Author: Sparkleen Pressure Washing
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