September 2, 2022
Does Roof Cleaning Extend Its Lifespan?
before and after of dirty and clean Spanish tile roof

Does Roof Cleaning Extend Its Lifespan?

Roofs are easy to ignore, making them an often-neglected area when it comes to cleaning around the house. But the reality is that it’s a valuable step in home maintenance and upkeep. Our roofs here in Florida are made to take a beating from storms and sun, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t vulnerable to wear and tear. Roof cleaning is one task that’s essential to keeping your property value up while maintaining the look and structure of the roof.


Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash

What exactly is roof cleaning? As with any type of roof maintenance, it poses significant dangers and risks and should be handled by licensed and certified professionals. Make sure to avoid those that use pressure washing to clean roofs, too. A pressure washer might seem like the ideal way to clean your shingles, but it’s actually the opposite. While the high pressure works well on hard surfaces like concrete and bricks, it can cause vast amounts of damage in very little time. Whether you have asphalt shingles or Spanish tile, the high-PSI sprayers blast water underneath the shingles, causing them to peel, crack, and fall off. Pressure washing could lead to costly repairs and even replacement.


The service you want instead is called soft washing. Unlike pressure washing, it uses a low-pressured sprayer mixed with cleaning agents to remove dirt, debris, and buildup on the surface. Because it doesn’t rely on pressure to wash everything away, the cleaning agents do the dirty work safely yet effectively, removing mold, algae, moss, and dirt. In addition, your cleaning technicians will protect surrounding plants from the cleaners to prevent accidentally damaging your foliage. Before you schedule roof cleaning, you can prevent damage and insurance claims by asking the cleaning technician which technique they use. A knowledgeable and trustworthy service will always recommend soft washing!


Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Now that you know the basics of how it works, you should also know why it’s necessary. It’s not always simple to determine which types of maintenance are necessary, so understanding the benefits of roof washing can show you why it’s a worthy investment.


-Extend the Life of Your Roof

Since most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by neglect, you could end up with a steep repair bill when parts of it inevitably need to be replaced or repaired. On top of that, neglected shingles crack, peel, and separate from the roof, allowing mold, water, and insects to make their way inside. So the yearly cost of roof cleaning is well worth it to make your roofing last much longer.


-Make Your House Easier to Cool

We’re always on the hunt for ways to beat the heat here in Florida, but did you think that you can do just that by cleaning your roof? Build up from dirt, algae, and moss are dark, which absorbs more heat and funnels it right into your house. Cleaning your roof will keep your house cooler and save on your electric bill by allowing your shingles to do their job and reflect light away instead of absorbing the sun’s rays.


-Improves Curb Appeal & Property Value

Whether you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market or not, it never hurts to improve your curb appeal. It’s no secret that a clean exterior looks more appealing, and that can apply to you as well as potential buyers. If you are trying to sell, buyers will be looking to ensure your home is well-kept. The last thing someone looking to invest in a house wants is to have an enormous repair bill suddenly.


-Prevents Water Damage & Flooding

Along with making your roofing last longer, proper maintenance will keep water damage at bay. For example, peeled or cracked shingles will let in water, which is hazardous to the structure of your roof and then rest of your home. Water damage repairs can be costly and go far beyond just the roof.


-Removes Leaves & Debris

Leaves, insects, and other debris on your roof look unattractive. That’s not the only issue, though; they can also trap moisture and humidity, fostering mold, moss, and algae growth that can deteriorate your shingles. Of course, that moisture will cause your roof to deteriorate faster, but a simple cleaning can remove any debris that’s settled.


-Keeps Pests Away

Decaying leaves, mold, and algae all attract a wide variety of pests, including insects, birds, and rodents. The dirty surface not only gives them an appealing place to nest, but it can also be a food source for specific pests. Smaller pests can also attract larger ones, and before you know it, you need an exterminator to work alongside your roofing contractor to solve a big problem. They won’t like a smooth, clean surface since it doesn’t offer them shelter or food, so regular cleaning can help keep the critters away from your house.


Where to Get Roof Cleaning


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Published: September 2, 2022
Author: Sparkleen Pressure Washing
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